woensdag 5 januari 2011

Bargain of the year: YSL Rouge Pure Shine

During my slightly scandalous shopping spree in Leicester yesterday, I couldn't resist the House of Fraser Outlet store in The Highcross Shopping Centre. And boy oh boy was it worth it! Delicious Philosophy bath goodies for 5 pound or less, piles of Calvin Klein Cosmetics (I am not a fan, but should you be interested, HoF is the place to be) and much much more.
After initial squeeing, I discovered a teeny tiny display table. Seriously, so small you'd easily overlook it. And on this table? BRAND delish! Benefit lippies, Chanel polishes, lancaster sets, several Guerlain goodies and a fabulous YSL lipstick I couldn't ignore.

It's from the Rouge Pure Shine series. This means that the colour is quite sheer, but there's a lot of shimmer to it. Pretty. There was only one lipstick, so only one shade, but it was an instant hit. Especially for the cold season, it is lovely. I got 14 - Eclat d'Amarante or Glowing Burgundy.
Somehow the French names have a posh uppity ring to it. I approve. ;)

I took a lot of photos but not all of them look equally sharp and perfect. Bear with me, I'm still getting to grips with my new camera.

 naked lips

 with flash

without flash

It's an absolutely stunning plum with golden shimmer in. I love it. It's a bit darker than what I'd normally wear, so I keep my eye makeup very quiet. Biscuit eyeshadow, little bit of liner maybe, done.

The most amazing thing about this lipstick is not its colour but its price!

Lo and behold!

What was your bargain of this sales season? What was your best bargain ever?

5 opmerkingen:

  1. ohmygod dat is nou cheapppp love it

  2. Wow, bargain indeed!
    Heb je niet die hele tafel leeggehaald? :)

  3. Heel veel dingen waren al gebruikt (of overdreven geswatcht), of gewoon kleurtjes die niks voor mij waren. Ik heb wel nog een terracotta kohl van guerlain meegenomen maar dat is een cadeautje voor de schoonmoeder geworden. En een juicy tube maar die laat ik lekker dicht tot de zomer. n_n