donderdag 9 september 2010

Tell us what's in your bag, Angelos!

Ok, to get this reference, I advise everyone to check this youtube video and to watch several episodes of Shooting Stars.

I feel like making a post in English today, hope that's alright. As many of you know, Boyfriend is British so I switch between Dutch and English a lot. And today I seem to have switched Dutch off. Not a big deal, I just feel more comfortable typing in Shakespearian at the moment.

Right, so what IS in my bag?

A fairly large box, obviously. Let's say huge. it is pretty huge.
Snipsnip, carefully opening the brown paper packaging. Lolz Sound of Music reference.

Unfolding and ooh! There is the box!

There are some interesting clues on this labels. Let's zoom in. ;)

And then there was bubblewrap. LOADS OF BUBBLEWRAP!

The bubblewrap smells delicious. Yes, I look daft smelling it, but it's dreamy!

And yes, I will show you what's inside. Check this out:

Also, if the English really bothers you guys, let me know. It's just easier for me today. ^^"

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Aaah wat leuk! Ik hou van foto's van nog niet uitgepakte pakketjes, hahaha ^^ Moet ik ook eens gaan doen.

  2. Wauw wat een spannend blogje.. hahaha!
    Leuk blogje :)


  3. Oh, wat superleuk!!! Leuke spulletjes, ik kan niet wachten op mijn bestelling!!